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This is my largest project so far its all scratch built from styrene sheet and strip and took me nearly a year to make. it all folds up to enable me to transport it to shows
the actual vehicle serves as one of 4  radar units that are used to control the s300 guided missile complex

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maz 543-m nba habitat unit

This model was a conversion that i built up to use up one of the many old dragon scud kits i have in my stash
I built up the very basic drive train in the kit minus the wheels,added basic scratch built axels  gearboxes and propshafts,
I then built the left hand side drivers cab the bonet and radiator/grill and fitted it to the chassie,
I  then scratch built a new radiator/grill and the right hand side of the bonnet and fenders.from evergreen strip and sheet.
The accomodation unit and generator unit were scratch built from styrene sheet and evergreen strip and then scratch built the gun at the rear and made up and added all the fittings to the vehicle ready to paint.
It was primed and painted using  ak acrilic paint and then pinwashed and dry brushed and finally finished with a matt cote
I then cleaned up painted and fitted a set of meng weighted resin wheels..
Its a bit of a long vehicle but is something different untill trumpeter bring theres out to go with there grumble kit.


I built this as a fill in build between builds to try out the acrilic mig paint  modulation set for russian green....
I used the Trumpeter Ural truck as the base for the Panzer shop resin conversion set..
The trumpeter kit builds up reasonably easy with no fit issues,
The pansershop resin conversion set is a little awkward to make it fit to the  truck and some of the resin bits are a little somewhat incorrect but i just went with what i had and built it up as a out of box type build with a little fettling here and there ,i added some extra fittings from an old italiera work shop kit just to add some detail...
it did build up into an interesting truck
i went with a faded out look of an old truck from the Ukrane..i like these paint sets,they go on easy they dry fast and they dont smell like humbrol paints but are not as hard wearing as enamel paints so need handling carefully untill its had a final coat of matt cote..
i painted it in  primer first then added the greens  from the set wor…